Sweet Nothings – Prologue

Yes its late, yes I  promised to be consistent, yes I profusely apologize~

Death; overrated yet underrated,
Rarely comes with a warning,
But when it does, it kills you before you die.
We die to take hold of the unknown,
Not realizing that the unknown is death itself.

Fear; overestimated yet underestimated,
Often a result of knowing the unknown,
And in that, a discrete unknown that we senselessly believe in.
That which is nothing but a false concoction,
A false concoction in its most integrious form.

Pain; immune to your cries, yet weak for your misery,
Seldom comes with an invitation,
In which, the false becomes your reality.
A reality that lacks any sense of civilization,
As it runs wild and free, it feeds on your sanity.

Love; brutal in its force, but takes you at a gentle velocity,
Always raw and burning cold,
Yet in all of its indifference, it manages to brand your heart every time.
It heals pain, conquers fear and brings death to life, as it rises above them all to embody them in a form of numbness.
It feeds on you till you sacrifice everything you have to offer, yet it leaves you ever so saturated; so is love really something a scavenger like you can handle?


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