Rumination  (Reader POV)

​Let me tell you an overrated story about unrequited obsessions.

Yes I’ll call them obsessions because calling it love will only bind me to that person even more.
It hurts like a bitch. You spend day and night in agony without them and when you think their presence will make it better? You’re wrong. Its worse, its worse every single fucking time, but hey we’re humans we like pain. So I torture myself repeatedly by getting closer to them; only youre never close enough.
Time and again I have fallen for people that would’ve even accepted my feelings but Im a coward that has never come through with my feelings in front of them. I will rot in excruciating pain and get over them, just to save them the trouble of losing me as a friend.
You see, I put them before I put myself and that is the biggest mistake I have made. I regret not taking a chance and I regret getting over them even more.
So tell me, am I wrong when I love you so much to drown myself in misery for you?

– Inspired by Jacqueline, thank you.


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