Sweet nothings – Part 1

I’m working on a series for you guys, thank you for being patient for so long, enjoy x.

I nod my head for the 5th time and sign myself up for a dinner with my ‘mates’ that aren’t really my ‘mates’. I feel bored and annoyed by this high school reunion, we don’t know each other anymore and we really couldn’t give two bucks about whats going on in each other’s lives. Yet here we stand with booze(coffee) in our hands, chatting away about things that are barely worth my Nutella jar.
I sigh in despair and nod once again to a plan that really isn’t working out with our schedules, when I’m knocked out of oxygen. I gasp in surprise and forget how breathing works, warm fuzz fills my stomach as I become stiffer than Ms. Liberty.
Her back hugs always did this to me, I don’t need words, smell or sight to recognize who it is, her touch is engraved in my skin. She nuzzles into my neck and that’s more than enough to trigger my memories of the countless number of times we’ve been in this stance. I feel protected, warm, wanted, warm and loved, warm.
And just as I begin to ease back in her arms, I’m robbed of that luxury yet again. “How you been love?”, she coaxes into my ear and I swallow dryly.




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