Bounds. Division. Separation.

I walk into the heavily scented room, my throat burning from the extreme smell. Its breath-taking, literally, the humid yet cold air surrounding me, the wooden floorboards beneath my soles are so cold Im confused if they’re liquid or solid. I hear movement to my left, heavy footsteps followed by the familiar harsh clinking of metal. That’s when I come out of my satisfied haze and panic. But I don’t, Im too mentally exhausted to differentiate danger from safety, my body halts in its spot and awaits whatever my fellow captive has to do to me. I don’t care anymore, Im numb to pain in general, so much that my body aches for it there’s nothing that scares me anymore. I know for sure the only other person in the room is a man, he might rape me, or probably eat me alive out of hunger, I could careless. I freeze physically when fear takes over as the man gently wraps his arms around me, warmth spreads throughout my chest rapidly, my brain is numb to the gesture but my heart thumps away in fear, not being able to deal with affection. He rubs my back and pats my head, whilst whispering in low-pitched, cracky voice, “Im here for you, let it out sugar”, I start crying. It’s my father. My brain short circuits as all the pieces of the puzzle fit in place and I scream.

Oh and the man that boiled my eyes out of sockets? My father.


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