Love is forgiving – Marcus

I’m roughly pushed to the ground.
As I land on my knees, the blood caked surface moistens my knee caps unwelcomingly. Crusty pieces of flesh from extensive use of The whip stab my caps interrupting the even surface of the floor.
I see her standing there but she’s already gone. She’s breathing, talking, dead woman walking. I see my unwavering, bold muse in her eyes. She’s in the same room but one million miles away. The lady I’d met id now taken over by the tyrant suppressed for the past 12 years. I feel the rage I feel her power in completion. Its staggeringly undoing me all over. I’m distracted from my thoughts when she goes around me, ties my hand in front of me offers me leather to bite onto when the Taming begins. Then she walks around me and pushes my further into the pillar holding me, flexing my shoulders I obliged but halted midway as I feel her breath against my ear, “Still a beauty” she rasps unevenly. I keep my breathing even as she bites my lobe, hard and sharp, then licks it in fail attempt to soothe my heartbreak. Her boot clicks as she moves back and positions herself. I hear the whoosh of the Binder before I feel it against my deltoids. Okay, I’m too calm. That hurt like “SHIT!”. Every time she hit the same spot It felt like hell and back, the hits became harder and deeper; soon I felt the soothing liquid pour over my wounds. Not long after, I was bleeding too much, the blood making it worse and black spots started clouding my vision.

I jolted up, the ropes restricting any movement, to the feel of flesh being pulled apart on my back and gradually leaving my body in a dragging manner. It was what being shredded alive would feel like, the whipping couldn’t compare to this excruciating honor of pain. Then I caught a glimpse of it, shaped like a whip, the leather had long thin spikes with pieces of my skin clinging to it. She didn’t stop, every minute felt like an eternity, I passed out after hours of this monotonous abuse. I vaguely remember crying out to her again and again; “Why?!”

Amore perdona


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