The Wild One

What a teddy bear

Such beautiful curly hair

Your skin so fair

We love you not

We swear

So uncultured

So ill mannered

Such arrogance!

You don’t know me.

God you’re gorgeous

You in that dress?

Thats eye candy right there.

You don’t know me.

Ugly. That’s what you are,

The sight of you disgusts me altogether.

Couldnt be more typical could you?

You don’t know me.

A little swell but she’s totes adorbs

Those cheeks; we could pull forever!

Such warm, cuddly hugs she gives.

You don’t know me.

Oh is that attitude?

Well do shut the hell up and get lost

Youre not worth my energy, good-for-nothing scoundrel! What a bitch

You don’t know me.

She’s smart, witty Honey youre so reliable; what would I do without you…

So intelligent and brave, she’s a leader!

You don’t know me.


What a freak. Who even reads that stuff?

God, stay away from her, she’s so violent.

Why is she always hyperventilating? Drama Queen.

You don’t know me.


Oh look, she thinks we give a damn?

Hey kid, don’t get ahead of yourself.

Trust, respect and love. You deserve nothing.

You Don’t know me.

Barbie doll~

Fricking Fiona ew


Ursula bleckh.

Don’t. Know. Me.


They are addicted to gossip,

They hallucinate, they anticipate.

Then they’re Dictionaries and Thesauruses

They define you, they limit you, they substitute you.


I let you define me, I let you demean me,

You tell me I am and I will be it,

I will be selfless, I will be selfish

But I will not stop feeling and I will not be you.

And I will definitely not hold back when I am wild.


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